7 Essential Tips For A Successful Company Recruitment Video

With the shift towards working remotely, more and more companies are looking for an edge in the recruitment process.  Not only is it important to hire someone who has the right qualifications but also someone with the right fit.  Using a recruitment video can be a useful tool to find the right candidates. With its storytelling ability and easy shareability, recruitment videos can effortlessly attract potential talents and can be used as a referral from current employees. Here are some points to consider when creating your next recruitment video:
1. Start with an animation of your company logo but with strong creative energy that shows pride and confidence.
2. Promote your business values and show what differentiates you from all other companies hiring.
3.  Highlight your company’s history but only the most exciting accomplishments.
4.  Add a human touch and feature the people behind your brand. Use photos of current employees and include employee testimonials.
5.  Highlight your growth but also share your goals for the future.
6.  Showcase your positive corporate culture and how it aligns with your core values. Include any tidbits that make your work culture unique and any perks that will appeal to candidates.
7.  Add a final call-to-action page with your corporate branding and a link to more information or instructions on how to apply.
The best recruitment videos do more than just engage and entertain, they’re an accurate representation of your company’s culture. Keep the videos short between 1 to 2 minutes and allow the photos, copy, colors and movement to create a story.