6 Ways to Publicize Company News and Use it to Connect With Your Audience

Your company news is an essential means of contacting clients and prospects and subsequently building those business relationships. Here are 6 ways to connect with your audience.

1. Email blast campaign

News such as a new product and service can be used as a marketing campaign. Combining the blast campaign with a well written announcement or well put together video may be the most direct way of driving sales for the new product/service. Linking it back to your website will also drive traffic and encourage click-throughs.

2. Post it to social media

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses to directly connect to their target audience without the middleman. Using social media to keep people informed is a very useful way to keep your clients up to date with innovations and advances happening within your firm.

3. Create a video

Videos are the fastest growing and most effective way to announce any company news in 2020. 92% of marketers list videos as an important tool, and the expected average per day watch time of video is set to rise to 100 minutes per day by 2021. Videos can help humanize messages and content to better connect with audiences. Utilizing a video to announce your company’s news allows you to incorporate corporate branding and a creative flair that traditional written announcements don’t. It’s far easier to create a riveting corporate video than it is any other kinda media.

4. Press release

Although newer forms of connecting to an audience are growing and becoming more and more dominant, the traditional press release still has a lot of merit. A press release is the tried and true method of making announcements to the world, and is so for a reason. Press releases are a relatively inexpensive way to get your news out to the public and connect with audiences that you may not have otherwise. Additionally a good press release can lead to increased SEO and traffic  to your website.

5. Include it in your company blog

The company blog is a useful tool as it connects you with an audience that is already very invested in your firm. Keeping your blog up to date lets those that are subscribed feel that they’re the first ones in the know about what’s going on.

6. Announce it on your website

Announcing company news on your website has two strong advantages. Although it may not reach a new audience, it is extremely useful for SEO and clicks on your website. Once you have someone viewing news on the site, it’s easy to flow traffic through to other sections such as your products/services. A company synopsis video that matches the site can tie together your brand and expertise.