New Website

Like a trailer before a movie, a new website video builds anticipation for new content which can help drive traffic and increase your business’s online presence. It is an opportunity to emphasize any rebranding or announce new services or innovations. A new website video can also serve as a reminder of who you are by providing a synopsis of your company and its values presented through an entertaining narrative.

In our ever connected business world, positive online presence is paramount to the overall business’ health and success. The company website is seen as the face of its online presence and launching a new site is like a digital makeover. Using a New website video to highlight this new look and feel can be a very effective tool in raising awareness of the new site and drawing in viewers to the changes. By utilizing a new website video we can put together a showcase of the new changes, new look and highlight the branding and services the company offers. Additionally, by using video to show off the new site, it builds a connection to the audience that the brand they know and trust is still here but looking better than ever.

Work with our team of designers to create a new website video that highlights your company’s new features and design. Whether you have an entire script or just an idea, we will work with you to put together a video your company can be proud to have represent you.

1. New Website

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2. New Website

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7. New Website


8. New Address and New Website

Vivid Graphics

9. Vivid Graphics’ New Identity

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10. New Website

Warren Averett

11. New Website