One of the most critical parts of a successful move or opening a new office is creating an announcement to let your clients, vendors and business partners know where to find you. It’s important not to lose contact since that could mean losing business. Announce your business relocation or additional new office locations with a company moving announcement video.

Relocating your business or opening a new office is often a big task. To help your move go more smoothly, a company moving announcement video can be a great tool in providing information on the move while also reinforcing your brand. Using a company moving video to publicize the move provides unique benefits that other mediums don’t offer. It uses motion to capture the audience’s audience and can display your branding, business synopsis and your new location in a simple, easy to digest video. Add a link to your website at the end of the video for more information such as the physical address and link to Google Maps.

Whether you have an entire script or just an idea, we can help you create a new office or new moving announcement that will help you stay connected with your clients.

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1. Moving Announcement

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3. Moving Announcement


4. New Address and New Website

5. Change of Address

6. Moving Announcement

Schneider Downs

7. Moving

8. Vivid Moving

9. Moving

10. Moving Box

11. 55th Anniversary